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We are a family of intuitive wellness professionals, two and four-legged! We would love for you to join our Herd through our wide variety of programs and services to support you on the path of self-discovery and healing, in harmony with Nature.

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Our non-profit organization was founded in 2012 by me, Fotini Chandrika and our first two Horse Teachers, Spirit and Malachi. With the unwavering support of my husband, Sensei Kevin, the Horses and I were able to grow our Herd, to include Penny and Isa, and evolve our vision into a community of wellness-driven clients of all ages! In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we downsized our Home and moved a short distance from our Tottenham location to our new farm in Loretto, Ontario. In light of our transition and with an invitation from the new space, we changed our operating name from The Big Red Barn Creativity & Wellness Centre to Red Barn Wellness Farm, where we are grateful to evolve the vision of a sacred space for horses to help humans and humans to help horses!

Red Barn Wellness Farm
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Over the past two decades of personal and professional experience with nature-based healing, we have come to realize that Horses truly are the greatest teachers of all! Their honesty in reflecting their keen present moment awareness of energy and emotions in humans makes them 1000+ pounds of pure biofeedback! Their spiritual presence in mythology and religion dates back thousands of years, making it clear that there are unique qualities within the horse-human relationship that is profound and worthy of deeper exploration!

Through countless hours of research in neuroscience, spirituality, heart energy and emotional intelligence, we are fully convinced that Horses hold the wisdom that can help us find our way back to in presence with our authentic selves! As naturally sensitive and empathic beings, Horses provide non-judgmental support to highly sensitive people of all ages, providing the tools to thrive in today's world.  Deeply connected to their environment and the Earth, Horses can help us to slow down the pace and reconnect with our inner resources, the flow of medicine that can be found in nature and the healing nature that can be found within ourselves.

No riding takes place. No horse experience is necessary.

At Red Barn Wellness Farm, we offer you the opportunity to explore:

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therapeutic PLANTS and healing HERBS

mindful MOVEMENT and conscious BREATH

heart CONNECTION and creative EXPRESSION

With the Horse as our guide, we reconnect to the forgotten knowledge and insights that bring us back to the wisdom of nature and our ancestors. The Horses have a way of reminding us of who we truly are and where we come from, in our authenticity.

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Private Sessions for Individuals ages 8+:

Sessions are approximately 1.5 hours and involve a combination of intuitive coaching, equine guided wellness (i.e. horse time!) and creative reflection/expression.

Partner Sessions (couples, colleagues, friends or family members):

Sessions are approximately 1.5 hours and involve a combination of intuitively designed exercises to deepen connection, enhance communication and explore creativity together.

Private and Group retreats (half day and full day options):

Retreat packages are 4 - 8 hours in length with customized facilitation for up to four people. The farm is reserved for your retreat, with no other operations taking place during your special time. Retreats include refreshments, snacks and a wholesome vegetarian lunch.

Local accommodations are available for our out-of-town clients!

Weekly Classes:

Gentle Yoga with Restorative in the Barn (coming soon)

Youth Yoga & Mindfulness in the Barn

Seasonal Events:

Yoga, Expressive Arts & Meditation with Horses

Healing with Horses Retreat

Children's Wellness Farm Camp

Professional Coaching, Trainings & Certifications:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (approved by the International Yoga Alliance)

Horse Wisdom Yoga® Certified Teacher Training

Reiki Levels I, II and Equine Reiki Certification

The Sacred Horse™ Stewardship Program (COMING SOON!)

The Sacred Horse™ Support for Stewards

Business Coaching for Equine Guided Professionals

All of our classes and events require pre-registration and are space limited.

Please visit our calendar of events for full details about our classes and upcoming events.

Please contact us to register for an event and to book a private session or retreat. 

Please note that WE ARE OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We love to meet new people and know you may be curious, but, given the sensitive nature of our work, we ask that there are no 'drop-ins' please. We appreciate your understanding.

WHAT our Clients are saying...

"I had a private session with Fotini and the Herd and it was such a positive experience! I have a lifetime of experience with horses having grown up with them, worked in the horse industry and still ride to this day. However the work we did today was something completely different and so rewarding. Setting aside any of my past knowledge and experiences I could use my heart to have open communication with my equine teacher. This beautiful experience has taken me one step closer to using my heart instead of always my head and being able to get more in touch with my true authentic self. I highly recommend this experience. I will be back!" - Heather L.

"The experience of working with the horse who chose to work with me has been life changing/life centering for me and has become an anchoring point in my life.The experience guided me back to truly know what it is to rest in stillness and in my centre and get out of my head. I continue to hang onto that experience of returning to resting and peace and I use it as a guidepost to notice where i am at with things. That barometer has allowed me to make important decisions and to notice how my choices impact me. Who would believe that only one meeting with you and horse as teacher could have had such a profound impact but it did! I am so thankful that I found about your work. The experience that day with the horse brought me back to myself and I was able to make a very big decision and continue to reap the benefits. thank you!" ~ Amanda G.

" I was there for a session with Fotini and I was completely amazed by the powerful messages I got from the experience. Standing by the horses was magical. These animals are able to connect with you and let you realize how you feel deep inside. Horses don't judge, each of them have their own personality but in the end they live in the present moment and teach us to do the same by accepting whatever may arise in the now. Fotini guided me throughout the experience with her helpful insights and her natural gift. I feel so grateful and blessed to be able to live such an inspiring experience!" - Laura C,