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A Dance with the Divine

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

This morning, on my way down to the Barn to care for the Herd, I was stopped by the Forest, asking me to listen closely to its message.

The message was coming from the Red Pine Trees.

I stopped in my tracks and paid attention. I felt an invitation to leave the path that leads to the Barn and get closer to the Trees.

In my heart, the Trees whispered "What within you needs to die?" I became intrigued and listened closer as my heart expanded. "What cycle in your life is ready to end?" "What new beginning is manifesting?"

I walked deeper into the Forest and contemplated these inquiries.

You see, the Red Pine Trees are nearing the end of their life cycle. With every high wind or heavy snow, more and more Trees are coming to the ground. They are dying.

Witnessing the ending of a cycle in Nature bears incredible wisdom for us. It was a great revelation that the life of the Tree may have been ending, it is actually transmuting into a new beginning, perhaps for mushrooms or moss to grow on its limbs, or maybe something else making manifest of the Tree's transformation.

I really sank into that wisdom today as I sat with the questions brought forth by the Red Pines.

"Hmmmm...." I asked myself. "What within me needs to die and begin transmutation?" The first words that came to me were "self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and denying joy." I found this so interesting as on the onset of this New Year, my word for 2022 (every year brings along a theme represented by one word for me) was "Release". During the first New Moon of 2022 on January 2, that word quickly changed to "Celebrate". And it felt right.

One of my personal limiting patterns is to deny joy. It is something I have done since I was a little girl, feeling that I was responsible for the unhappiness of those around me. When the ongoing pattern was one of struggling (physically, emotionally, financially), I began to feel guilty if I felt happiness or joy when someone I loved was experiencing difficulty. Over the years, this became the default; one that has taken years of healing the layers of limiting beliefs to finally overcome! And now, I understand why my intuition brought forth the word "Celebrate!" It is definitely a celebration to let go of that great responsibility that I held in my body for so many years.

I continued to ponder the questions from Red Pine and was greatly empowered by the information that came through for me from the Higher Consciousness.

The true celebration of letting go of what needs to die within our thought processes and patterns, is the breakthrough of a new beginning making manifest of itself! We can't always see a clear picture of this but through trusting and allowing the organic process of nature within ourselves to continue its cycle, we can relish in the mystery and magic of what is making its way to realization through our co-creation with the Divine.

As Humans, we tend to attach ourselves to thoughts and emotions surrounding the cyclical nature of Life and Death. The Trees reminded me that Life (in the sense of Spirit) is never over, lives beyond the physical, and is a flow of life force energy that transforms through death into the birth of the new.

Holding on too tight to rigid and limiting beliefs can greatly impact the Sacred Flow of Nature in our lives and block the manifestation of our great destiny and powerful legacies!

I thanked the Trees for sharing this great wisdom with me and carried on with my morning stewardship of The Sacred Horse Herd.

Early in the afternoon, I took Otis (our very best canine friend!) for our daily walk. I couldn't get my inner voice to quiet around the morning's revelations. I was still pondering the questions and processing the information I received from the intuitive communication with the Red Pine Trees. I continued to contemplate around the idea of life cycles, attachment, letting go, new beginnings and growth...all coming from the idea of something dying. There were a lot of ideologies and concepts being channeled through these ideas. It was clear that certain beliefs I had carried were coming to the end of their cycle. It was time for them to die and transmute into the gift of their wisdom.

As we made our way back and the farm was in our close vision, I couldn't believe my eyes! I literally gasped and said aloud "WOW!", as I witnessed a Bald Eagle fly over the Red Pine Forest I had communed with earlier that morning!

I was pretty sure it was a Bald Eagle but asked myself if I could have mistaken a Falcon or Hawk as a Bald Eagle and made reference to all three on my cell phone. Sure enough, with 100% certainty, it was a Bald Eagle, just like the one pictured above. It was flying low and its wing span was expansive! I felt a rush of energy run through my body as if to remind me of my own personal strength, expansiveness and power!

Anytime a member of the Animal Kingdom appears before me with a certain resonance and conviction, I check with Ted Andrews' book, 'Animal Speak' to see what the message may be for me and how it connects to what I felt in the moment.

Andrews writes:

"Long a symbol of spiritual power and illumination, the Bald Eagle inspires people of all societies. Their energy is healing and aids in creation." He continues to write "they are also symbols of the rediscovery of the inner child."

In continuing to read through the pages relating to the Bald Eagle, it became apparent that this magnificent bird of prey represents the "alchemical process of all life" and the "involvement of new birth in creativity."

So now I return to my longstanding theory, which I have shared in numerous presentations, articles, trainings, and my upcoming book...what I call the 'Language of Synchronicity."

As I sit here writing this blog, after the awakening experiences of the day, I am awaiting a very special delivery from a woman who I connected with very serendipitously. She creates custom felt fairy's for folks (on instagram at @ifeltmagic). I heard of her from a visit to a friend's spiritual store about a week ago (on instagram @divinebeing_beeton) where I walked in abruptly announced "There is a fairy here..." When I looked around at my friend, Shannon, and the other women in the store, including my friend, I giggled and said "Well, okay, there may be a few..."

In all seriousness, so far on my journey, I have not resonated much with fairies. It was odd for me to be drawn so deeply to the idea of finding one, or knowing one was on its way to me.

Shannon showed me a couple of fairies in her shop but something just didn't feel right. She decided to put me directly in touch with the woman who makes the fairies and I reached out to her right away.

I told her I am writing a book and developing a deck of wisdom cards and that this fairy was coming into my life to help me with these projects. We agreed that she would intuitively co-create the fairy and it would be a Divine surprise!

She sent me a photo of the fairy when she was complete.

I could feel her Divine message through the photo. The red was to represent the Root Chakra, keeping me grounded throughout the process. The stone she held was Dragon Blood Jasper which which, according to the Crystal Bible helps to 'ignite the fire within to increase physical strength, courage, confidence, endurance and focus.'...JUST what I need to complete these cathartic co-creations."

I was blown away by the synchronicities of how she came to be. She comes with a name and a story, which I will see once she gets here (any minute now!!!).


Okay, Debbie and Kylie from @ifeltmagic just left the farm. I am beyond grateful for this sacred offering that I have received. Her name is "Ayla" which means 'the circle of light around the sun or moon'. My name Fotini means 'bright light' and Chandrika means 'Moon' interesting?! Along with the alignment of her name, Ayla's story is so in sync and even uses words that I have used in this blog post around the wisdom of the Trees and the Bald Eagle...

Along with Ayla and her story, Debbie and Kylie also sent a Sodalite stone. She referred to it as "the writer's stone" to encourage my writing process. Funny thing is, last week when I went to Shannon's shop, Divine Being, looking for the "fairy", I actually intuitively chose a Sodalite heart to bring home with me! Another affirmation of the pure alignment of life, when we trust and allow it to move with its own vital life force energy and sacred flow.

I am without further words other than the feeling of a Full Circle in my body, another concept I share a lot about in my upcoming book!

A completed Dance with the Divine. A true celebration of shared wisdom! Another layer of spiritual healing! An embodiment of pure joy!

My invitation for you today is to Dance...follow the lead of Nature into the Language of Synchronicity...feel the Full Circles within your own body as you let go, trust, allow, heal and grow...embrace the Co-Creation calling to you!

What are the whispers in your heart today and where are they leading you on the Divine dance floor of your Life? What is ready to die and transmute into the special gift of Wisdom? What is ready to manifest itself into your Life?

In Synchronicity with you,

Fotini Chandrika, Fairy Ayla,

Red Pine Forest, Bald Eagle

and The Sacred Horse


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