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It's Not Just About Staying Home - A Letter from Coronavirus

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Dear Human,

This is a letter from Coronavirus. You may think you know me. You may think science will help you understand me. The truth is, there is more to my being here than you can make evident.

You think I am here to destroy you? I am not. I am here to shake you, wake you up, provide you with an opportunity to be the best you can be for yourself, for your family, for your community, for this planet.

It's not just about staying home.

It's about staying home and feeling the feelings you run from every day. Facing them, embracing them and letting them go so that you can rise in your power to defeat me.

It is not just about staying home. It is about kneeling on the dear Earth in humility and embarrassment for the damage you have done.

It is not just about staying home. It is about coming home to who you truly are as a collective field of energy. The stronger you are together, the weaker I am.

It is not just about staying home. It is about realizing that you are not alone. You are not separate. Every part of Nature lives within you and every part of you lives within Nature. You are Nature. You are among rocks, water, trees, and beautiful creatures, meant to co-exist and co-create in harmony. It is about giving Nature time to breathe. Breathe together.

It is not just about staying home, It is not about sitting on your couch and watching movies. This is not a holiday. It is time to stand up and promise to do your part to heal the planet in every way possible, if you survive me.

It is not just about staying home. It is about putting your ego aside and hearing...actually hearing your loved ones; their words, their laughter, their dreams and wishes, while holding space for their tears. I have made sure you cannot touch them. So you need to feel them through their essence not their physical touch.

It is not just about staying home. It is about realizing that you are no different than your neighbour. It is about relinquishing the facade and sharing who you really are. Your money can't save you from me. Nor can your status. I don't care what car you drive or how big your home is. Only the will of your spirit and the power of your heart can save you from me.

It is not just about staying home. It is about finally coming to realize that you are not the higher power, you are not the superior species, you are not the top of the food chain. You need the earth, the trees, the water, the animals, more than they need you. Just as every species has to consciously make the effort to survive, evolve and do you. You cannot survive alone.

It is not just about staying at home. It is about learning to do less and be more. It is about reconnecting to the wisdom and medicines of your ancestors through their deep communion with the Earth. I have been watching you all for a long time and they knew much more than you with access to much less resources. They lived simply. They walked gently. They loved deeply. Not like you with your many materialistic wants, your heavy feet and shielded heart.

Yes some of you will die. Many of you will die because of me. Just as Nature has died because of you. But I will make sure that you all will have the equal opportunity for redemption and awakening, if you so choose to take it. You can make the choice to change the face of the planet as you know it. Together. As a collective. Now more than ever, realizing that it is a joint effort to defeat me. Not one of you can do it alone.

It is not just about staying home. I bring to you much more than fear and death. I have given you a reason to celebrate being alive. A reason to take back your power to make change and to heal, starting within yourself.

It is not about just staying home. Your fear fuels me. Your anxiety feeds me. If you want to banish me, you can only succeed through the most powerful energy of all and that is Love. Your loving thoughts shrink me. Your true nature of joy and bliss scare me. Your prayers take away my power.

So the next time you think you just have to stay home and this will pass. You are wrong.

It is not just about staying home. It is about doing your part to make the world the home it was meant to be for your children and their children and their children's children. It is about waking up to the importance of honoring the sacred in all of the Earth's living beings.

I am not here to destroy you.

The Universe has provided you with everything you need to create a powerful field of coherence that I cannot survive in. Your courage is my weakness.

It's not just about staying home. It is about coming home to Truth.

- Coronavirus


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