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Less is More - The Art of Reflection

It is merely two weeks away from the first day of our inaugural Horse Wisdom Yoga Certified Teacher Training! As I look back on the creative process that took place in developing this program offering, it is so clear that the development of this program was not based on the "doing" but rather in the "being".

Over the course of the past year or so, I spent so much time in quiet reflection, simply settling into my self and the vision that was manifesting inside of me. Day to day, I would listen to messages and wisdom from Spirit and Nature, as well as our wise Horse Teachers, which offered guidance to the desire of my own Heart.

"Listen to the quiet whispers of the Heart."

Rather than constantly "doing" something to get the task completed, I received so much clarity about the project ahead, through sitting in the nothingness of the quiet mind. Within this "nothingness", we find the knowing, that inner wisdom that we all have that just knows. This is intuition. I began to receive clear intuitive messages and visions about what this training would look like, how many people the Horses were comfortable with participating, what the training manual would consist of, and what elements of Yoga and Horses would be covered in this foundational training.

During the auspicious moments when night turns to day was when I would receive most of my intuitive information and I would reach over to my night table where my journal sits, and enter the information and then let it go, without overanalyzing the information or the processing of it. Just "being" there and conveying the information from my mind's eye to my journal was enough to bring it to life.

As the time drew nearer, it was time for action. It was time to put it all together and create the Manual within which our students would receive the well-rounded, enriching, awakening offering of Horse Wisdom Yoga.

When it was time to "do" it, I just "did", putting one foot in front of the other, without hesitation, stress or anxiety. Simply going through the motions of what was already downloaded into my Being. The initial process of reflection and allowing the creative process to unfold, resulted in this inner knowing of what needed to be done without the stress attached to actually doing it.

"When in doubt, do nothing."

If you are being weighed down by confusion or self-doubt, simply finding your inner quiet is often enough to create the space that is needed for clarity and reassurance.

I learned so much about myself in the process of putting together this program. I am amazed at how every moment of life allows for an opportunity for deeper revelation and self discovery.

Over the years, my trust for the availability of infinite wisdom and energy, guided by the Universe, has deepened, so much so that I do very little worrying about anything, even when it seems like I should be worried. I have realized that life is all about the journey and the journey IS the magic! I much prefer the energy behind the word "vision" as opposed to the word "goal". Vision allows for flexibility, expansion, and reflection whereas goal feels very narrow and fixed.

"Believe in the Greatness that resides within."

When you feel like you need answers or you are doing so much to reach a certain goal, perhaps taking a deep breath and a step back into a place of "being", while opening your energy field to the art of reflection will serve your intention in a way that is soft and gentle while also proving to be effective in finding a way to channel productivity with a sense of passion and purpose, rather than stress and strife. This is that "sweet spot"within each one of us where there is enough energy to make all of our dreams come alive!

Many blessings to you and the visions that are manifesting within your reflection,

Fotini Chandrika and the Horse Teachers


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