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The heART of Healing with Horses

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

After many years of whispers, it was 2003 when my body finally screamed that it was time for healing. I would embark on the long road of releasing old limiting beliefs and coming back to my authenticity. I spent most of my time in yoga studios and on meditation cushions, drinking green smoothies and inhaling lavender essential oil. I was definitely benefiting from my dedication to my self-care practice but something was missing. I had began reconnecting with my love of horses, something I had dreamed since I was a little girl but had little opportunity to explore. The time had come and life, as I knew it, would never be the same.

For the better.

The Horses taught me about the many facets of my being. The darkness of my shadow, the light of my hopes, the beauty of my dreams and heart’s desires. On a physiological level, the Horses and their non-predatory nature became guides to the right side of my brain where I would step away from the goal-oriented, analytical left brain which is more common to the predatory nature of humans, and connect with the depth of my intuition and creativity where the world of nature would come to life. My mind became quiet and my body began to speak, asking me to release tension I had held inside for so many years.

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

I was being invited to create. To make tangible, on the outside, the transformation that was taking place on the inside. I began working within a “low skill-high sensitivity” expressive arts model that allowed me to silence the need for my art to turn out “good” and instead worked within the frame of artistic freedom where my artwork was not judged as “good” or “bad” but was given a heartbeat and breath of its own, with the ability to share its voice through my reflection. I would escape into my studio to get lost in the world of art where my darkest shadows were given space to dance and my biggest dreams were inspired to come to life.

And they did.

In 2015, we registered non-profit organization, The Big Red Barn Creativity and Wellness Centre, where others walking the path of self-discovery and healing could quiet their minds and open their hearts to the Horse’s guidance. A place where, they too, could feel safe to express themselves through art and hear the voice of their own soul through their artistic creations.

A place where there is no emphasis on “good” or “bad” artwork. The only emphasis is on the embrace of creative process and the freedom it brings to the brave hearts who accept the invitation to explore the heART of healing.

With hearts wide open,

Fotini Chandrika Walton and the Horse Teachers


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