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When the Plants Speak...

If you have been following along my journey for the past few years, you would come to know that, just about three years ago, during Covid-19, we moved from our first farm where we had lived for 13 years (the longest I had lived anywhere!), to our new(er) farm in the charming small town of Loretto (don't blink or you will miss

We arrived in November 2020, which means this is currently our third Spring/Summer season here on the farm. The previous Steward of the Land was an avid gardener and we are blessed by the surprises of her plantings every Spring when the Plant Beings begin to blossom. Having said that, she was an Elder when she left the farm to move into a care facility, and had been unable to tend to her precious gardens for quite some time before leaving the Land.

During the previous two Spring/Summer seasons, we had see various Roses pop up, but the bushes were scanty, with only a few Roses blooming each season.

This year was far from the same.

Roses are EVERYWHERE! Roses of various vibrant colors with the sweetest aroma are popping up in places we didn't even know they existed! So we went around to honor the Roses by adding mulch and special stones to their bases, to show them our appreciation for them showing up with their Divine medicine of pure Love! is the wild part...

I started noticing folks on my social media posting photos of Roses with the same tone of delight and surprise, and I even pointed out some folks on my Dad's street in the urban part of town, with an outrageous amount of Roses in their gardens.

As a certified Aromatherapist with some background in the study of intuitive Plants and Herbs, I have always known Rose as the Flower of pure Love; one with the absolute highest frequency of all plants on the planet.

On the morning of Summer Solstice, Rose spoke to me. She delivered a very clear, but simple, message and said 'Love IS winning!'

I smiled and breathed deeply into her message. I could feel her Love in every part of my body. I could feel the amplified frequency of Rose breaking through the thickness of any lower frequencies on the planet. Rose is no joke. She is powerful and she is blooming for us all!

I was called to record a little video sitting beside one of the majestic Rose bushes, here on the farm. It is in full bloom right beside our little Bird Sanctuary. When I sit with her, I can feel the warmth of Love in my heart and I wanted to share that within our community.

"The fame & significance of the rose is not only due to their divine fragrance or their beautiful appearance, or even for the wellness & beauty benefits, but because of the vibrational frequency that the rose emits, which is 320MHz, the highest of any plant making it the closest tangible thing to LOVE. Roses literally look, smell and feel just like love." ~ quoted from Citrine Natural Skin Care

To continue on the topic of the incredible power of Intuitive Plant communication, I wanted to also share a recent experience I had with Motherwort. I am at the season of Life where my hormones are shifting and moving toward a peri-menopausal state; a preparation for a change of patterning of my Body's cycles.

I had been sharing with my husband, Kevin, that I was being drawn to include some Herbs that could help balance my hormones and support the changes that were taking place during this time.

As I was meandering one of our many abundant (and a bit wild...) gardens, I noticed a huge patch of Motherwort. I was completely drawn to her medicine. Much like Rose, she spoke to me. She said 'I am here to support you.'

I also noticed that there as another huge patch of Motherwort growing around the Horse Barn. She said 'I can help you.'

Of course, when I got back to the farmhouse, I reached for my medicinal Herb reference guides and was blown away by my findings. I giggled with a childlike and soulful affirmation, while truly marveling in the magic of being present with All That Is as I read the medicinal offerings of Motherwort:

"Motherwort (botanically known as Leonurus cardiaca) is a member of the mint family and an herb used especially for women's health. The many benefits of Motherwort range from its effectiveness as a heart tonic to its calming properties. Often used to support the female reproductive system, Motherwort also has healing properties for both the physical and emotional heart. The healing benefits of Motherwort for women continue into menopause.

The active compounds in Motherwort help the body to break down and process hormones, which in turn can help to balance symptoms of menopause." ~quoted from Euphoric Herbals

Wow, right??!!??!!

Don't get me wrong, I know this may sound silly to some of you reading this and that is okay. I am not asking you to believe me. I am simply sharing this because Rose and Motherwort have asked me to. I am sharing as an invitation to remain curious or maybe even inquire into the mystery of the Plants, if that resonates with your heart.

In the meantime, you can probably guess where you can find me on the quieter days here on the farm. I will be in the precious gardens receiving the brilliance of their potent and powerful medicine!

And maybe this is your little reminder to 'stop and smell the Flowers.' Perhaps, they have a message for you too!

With blossoms and blessings,

Fotini Chandrika


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